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Dornier's machine weaves & embroiders in one unit  

Dornier offers P1 & A1, a Weaving Machine & Embroidery Unit, which it claims will bring a new dimension for patterns on Dornier weaving machines.

The Open Reed Weave (ORW) technology developed by DORNIER considerably extends pattern versatility for light, classic fabrics and eliminates downstream processing.

Stitch weaving - efficiency thanks to DORNIER ORW technology: The production of figures highlighted in colour in fabrics for clothing and furnishing fabrics requires a certain technical effort such as increasing the number of shafts or using Jacquard equipment for weaving Scherli effects or subsequent further processing through embroidery. Using DORNIER扴 ORW technology it became possible to successfully integrate embroidery in the weaving process so that weaving and embroidery can run at the same time on DORNIER weaving machines.

The system is based on the DORNIER weaving machines and is modular, which means the weaving machine retains its full performance capability and complete application spectrum during normal weaving operation without stitching.

Opening the reed upwards allows inserting additional pattern threads between the reed and weaving shafts special threads guides. These additional pattern threads are passed to the weaving process using a bypass, comprising and additional warp stop motion and as deflection system above the weaving shafts using the movable threads guides.

After additional pattern threads have dipped into the lower shed, the filling is inserted which binds the additional pattern threads. This creates a filling effect on the fabrics surface that can be controlled freely within certain limits using a lifting plane and is comparable to embroidery and Scherli-patterns. This technology can be applied to the DORNIER system family consisting of rapier and air-jet weaving machines.

The DORNIER weaving machines with embroidery unit are based on: High functional reliability; Dependable machine construction and process engineering; Flexibility; Ergonomics; Simple handling.

Field of Application: The DORNIER ORW technology allows wide diversity in patterns for clothing and decorative fabrics or specifically applied reinforcement in technical textile. The fabric is already manufactured in refined form on the weaving machine, which increase value creation.

Techtextil Innovation Prize 2011: The Techtextil Innovation Prize in the category New Technologies was awarded to Dr Adnan Wahhoud, Head of the development department for air-jet weaving machines for the Open Reed Weave (ORW) Technology.

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