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Power transmission belts & pulleys  

Power Belt India is authorised all India master distributor and stockist for Optibelt, Germany, for its wide range of Power Transmission Belts. The range includes HTD belts, poly-V belts, flat belts, V-belts, round belts, conveyor belts, timing belts, variable speed belts and other all type of belts for variety of industrial applications, manufactured by Optibelt/Opti Flex in Germany. Power Belt India also manufactures and supplies a wide range of pulleys comprising of timing belt pulleys, V-belt pulleys, ribbed pulleys, etc.
Understanding the importance that the industry places on belt performance, the company takes engineering know-how and experience to manufacture belts guaranteed to meet the highest standards of quality. It also has the unique ability to fulfil specific transmission requirements.
The company produces reliable results with top grade materials, an innovative approach and the capabilities to achieve exceptional transmission characteristics. At present it is supplying products to more than 400 renowned and top units in India. Recently it has also started supplies to other countries in Asia.

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